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We from Tristar Americas would like to introduce you to an all-around, highly reliable NFC tag with market-leading performance
plus UID mirror functionality for high-volume applications.
BullsEye NFC tags with the NXP NTAG210 chip offer high reliability and market-leading performance.

Unique ID (UID) mirror functionality suits high-volume product authentication and marketing applications. The UID mirror functionality enables the IC’s serial number to be mirrored as part of its encoded URL address.This feature enables every tag to be seen and read as unique from the application
perspective, without requiring users to encode tags with variable numbers.

BullsEye NTAG210 NFC tags provide a high-performance, cost-effective solution for product authentication, magazine ads, smart posters, postcards and other high-volume applications that require simple URL addresses with unique numbers, but otherwise, need very little memory.

BullsEye NFC products are based on the ISO14443A standard and are compatible with NFC Forum


Memory: 48 bytes
Frequency: 13.56 MHz
Antenna Size: Ø 35 mm / 1.38“
Die-cut Size: Ø 38 mm / 1.50“
Web Width: 41 mm / 1.61“
Operating Temperature: -25°C to 70°C / -13°F to 158°F
Bending Diameter (D): > 50 mm, tension max. 10 N
Delivery Formats: Wet inlay
Adhesive Permanent: pressure sensitive adhesive
Adhesive Usage Temperature: min. -40°C to 150°C / min. -40°F to 302°F
Qty/Reel: 4,000 per reel
Core Size: 76 mm / 3“
Shelf Life minimum of 2 years from the date of
manufacture in:

20°C / 68°F, 50% RH

Fields of Applications

  • Retail Environment
  • Social Media
  • Games & Toys
  • Location
  • Media & Ads
  • Business Cards & Calendars
  • Loyalty Apps
  • Electronics Pairing
  • Product Authentication
  • Ticketing & Monetary Transactions
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